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Equity Seal Now Available for Equity Partners

The SHRC equity seal has been developed to promote and help implement the equity program of an equity partner. It confirms an organizationís status as an active equity sponsor as approved under section 47 of The Saskatchewan Human Rights Code.. The seal also signifies an organizationís partnership role in the broader equity goal of developing inclusive workplaces and classrooms.

The seal can be used in a variety of ways, such as adding it to job postings and advertisements to verify an employerís right to invite applications from members of equity groups. It may also be used in promotional materials or correspondence to indicate an organizationís commitment to the principles of fairness, equity and inclusion. On job advertisements, it is recommended that the seal be combined with wording that clarifies which equity groups are being invited to apply for positions.

Please note that organizations are only entitled to use the seal if they have current approval of an equity program under the Code.