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Equity Program Launch

Commission launches new Equity program and releases new Equity report

The Commission recently launched its new Equity Program in Regina and Saskatoon. The event brought together our equity partners from around the province and provided the Commission with the opportunity to release its new equity report, "Working Together."

The Commission’s new equity program arose out of a comprehensive review which guided its development. The review was prompted by challenges facing Saskatchewan’s social and economic environment and the need for faster results in the development of diverse workplaces and learning environments. The Commission believes it is necessary to develop a culture of inclusion which is committed to the engagement, contribution and success of all residents of the province. The role of the Commission, through its new equity program, is to provide organizations with the assistance to help achieve these goals.

The new Equity program and procedures are based on modern circumstances, broader principles and a simpler process, making it easier for equity partners to obtain Commission approval and services. It is founded on principles of flexibility, accessibility, expansion, innovation and accountability. It streamlines procedures, opens up approvals to a wide range of initiatives, and shifts its focus from regulation and monitoring to capacity building and partnerships. Organizations can use equity programs by themselves or blend them with other strategies to promote equality, diversity and mutual respect.

Creating a culture of inclusion will require the cooperation of many groups and individuals. This reality is recognized in the recently released report, Working Together, which reflects on the important role of Aboriginal people, women, people with disabilities, visible minorities and other equity group members in our province’s future.

Working Together can be downloaded from this site and printed. Copies can also be ordered free-of-charge from the Government of Saskatchewan Publications Centre: